California Loan Modification Lawyers

At K & M Law, people come to us after they have struggled with serious setbacks in life. They want to make their mortgage payments and could make reasonable ones, but the rates they are being charged have made it impossible to keep up. We pursue loan modifications and alternatives to foreclosure for good people who need help protecting their homes, their investments and the lives they have worked hard to build.

When you work with us, you pay nothing unless we achieve a successful loan modification or foreclosure remedy for you. The last thing you need during a financial hardship is to pay for a lawyer who does not guarantee results. At K & M Law, we have seen the dire situations our clients are in because of divorces, injuries and other unexpected challenges. We cannot in good conscience accept legal fees for a job we did not complete.

There is genuinely no risk of financial loss by having a California loan modification attorney at our office persistently and professionally pursue a remedy for you.

We offer the highest-quality legal services to people throughout California. Even if you cannot come into our Orange County office, we can represent you. Many cases can be handled completely through long-distance correspondence. Schedule a free consultation today.

Unprecedented Results From People Who Truly Care

Not only have we achieved more loan modifications than any other law office (more than 5,300 and counting),but we are also known for success in cases that were previously thought to be lost causes. Even if you have worked with another loan modification law firm or agency, talk to us before you throw in the towel.

We advise our clients to:

  • Pursue loan modifications before trying other foreclosure defense options like short sales or bankruptcy.
  • Do not let one loan modification denial stop you. Most financial institutions need persistent prodding to get results.
  • Only work with a law office that actually understands and cares about your situation. We are here to listen, advise you on your options and give you the representation you deserve.

Reach us online or by telephone at 714-823-3069 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Many legal disciplines overlap. While the bulk of our work is devoted to mortgage defense law, our experience in other practice areas is vast as well. Contact us for more information about how K & M Law can address your needs.

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